On its 13th day in theaters, 'Jawan,' a blockbuster starring Shah Rukh Khan, achieved a remarkable milestone by crossing the Rs 500 crore mark in domestic box office collections

This feat was accomplished in record time, outpacing Shah Rukh Khan's previous hit, 'Pathaan,' which took 18 days to reach this target. 

Jawan' has now amassed a total of Rs 507 crore in India. On the 13th day, 

it raked in an estimated Rs 14 crore, pushing its net domestic earnings to Rs 458 crore, as reported by industry tracker Sacnilk. 

Looking ahead, 'Jawan' is poised to challenge the all-time record set by 'Pathaan' at Rs 543 crore, and is expected to surpass it within a matter of days. 

Globally, 'Pathaan' grossed over Rs 1000 crore, while 'Jawan' is on track to surpass the Rs 900 crore mark today.  

Collectively, both movies have garnered nearly Rs 2000 crore. 

Notably, Shah Rukh Khan has made history as the only Bollywood actor to deliver two $100 million-grossing films in a single calendar year."