On a day with varying weather conditions in Florida, the 10th-ranked Alabama football team faced off against USF 

Alabama football

Alabama emerged victorious with a final score of 17-3, but the match was characterized by a slow pace and weather-related interruptions. 

The Alabama defense showcased an impressive performance, effectively containing the USF offense and limiting them to a single field goal, which resulted from a mishandled punt. 

Throughout the game, Simpson, Alabama's quarterback, faced significant pressure and was sacked five times 

Despite the challenges, Simpson orchestrated a successful touchdown drive for Alabama in the third quarter, initiated by a 45-yard pass to tight end CJ Dippre. 

As the game approached its conclusion, Simpson executed a quarterback sneak 

Alabama's second touchdown and sealing the victory in the late stages of the fourth quarter 

Simpson later scored Alabama's second touchdown near the end of the game with a quarterback sneak, making it hard for the other team to catch up 

Simpson did a great job and helped Alabama score their first touchdown in the third quarter.